The terms of use set out the rights and obligations of users/visitors of the company's online store




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For any further request or query, you may communicate with us at +302310570727.



Anyone who wishes to place an order through Sparke and purchase products can create an account by clicking on the relevant link. The information you provide for your registration must be true and accurate. The use of personal data and data of third parties (natural or legal) is prohibited.



Signing in to your account requires entering the email address and password you selected when entering your account to activate your account.



In order to register the order, the registered user of our e-shop must be aware of the procedures for registering the order until it is shipped.

After posting the order, the visitor to our e-shop will receive a message at the email address stated when posting the order details in which the message will detail all the details of his order, the selected product, and other features such as quantity and size, product code and price, additional financial charges (if any), quantity, amount of payment and of course the contact information provided.

The registered user and the visitor must abstain from any behavior that may endanger the smooth operation of our company's online store.

Each user, registered or visitor of our online store, while navigating our online store, creating an account, managing their account, and submitting orders must comply with the laws, these terms of use, and the policies it has adopted and enforced by our company, regulations, directives, decisions of independent and other Authorities, codes of conduct, and generally do so in good faith and conduct.

It is forbidden to commit criminal acts through the use of our company website. The use of the services and the platform should be geared towards the protection of minors.

Acts that infringe on our company's property rights (trade names, etc.) are prohibited. The logos, images, distinctive titles, insignia, graphics, trademarks, and brands displayed on this website are the property of either our company or third parties (natural or legal). It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, or use them for any reason. No permission is given to reuse them in any way.

Users of the Website are prohibited from accessing our Company's confidential, confidential information or other users' data or information.

It is prohibited to interfere with, modify, read source code or create derivative works from the software of the website, the electronic order management system, or any other information or storage system used by our company.

In case of violation of these terms of use, our company has the right to temporarily disable the user account and set a deadline for compliance and removal of the violation. It may also temporarily deactivate an account without its liability if it is imposed by exceptional reasons for consumer safety, public interest protection or there is a lawful request or order of public, judicial, etc. Principles requiring our company to discontinue, as well as in the event of a material breach of the terms herein agreed to, or in case of immediate and urgent technical needs or reasons for the good operation of the online store.

Definitive account deletion requires prior notification of the user by our company.

Further, the User undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure that the Service is safe from unauthorized access, theft, and sabotage and expressly states that he is liable for any damage caused by fraud, negligence, or misuse or omission to take. the necessary measures for the protection of the equipment and from the malicious, unauthorized or unauthorized use of his account on our site, from his failure to equip his computer with the appropriate protection programs antivirus, in accordance with the other terms herein.



Completion of the order by the customer with the option ORDER COMPLETION is a proposal for a contract with our company. Upon completion of the order, an email will be sent to the user showing the details of his order (selection of products, payment amount, etc.).

Our company processes your order and accepts it by confirming the availability of the product and sending us an email. In case of unavailability of the product, our company informs the user on the day of the order or the next morning (09: 00-14: 30) about the lack of the product.

Then our company sends the product to the user. After the preparation of the products for shipment is completed, the user is informed by e-mail and the tracking number for tracking the order is sent to him (orders are usually displayed for check-in from 17:30 onwards).

Processing and preparation of orders take place from Monday to Friday 09: 00-16: 00.



The user declares that he accepts the prices of the products as listed on the site and the product he chooses, as well as the total amount incurred by taking into account other charges (shipping/shipping costs or any other costs, if any). . Each individual financial burden is presented clearly and clearly to the visitors.

If charges cannot be calculated in advance, then we clearly and clearly inform you that additional costs may be required. The user declares by accepting the terms of use of this online store that if he makes the final order, he accepts and agrees to all additional charges and costs.

If the user does not agree with the total cost or the individual or additional costs of purchasing the selected product or product, he/she must NOT proceed to finalize the order.

It should be noted that after the order is completed by the customer, the total cost is also fully sent to their email address.

The Company reserves the right to change product prices at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice, however, a change will not affect already confirmed orders. It can also bid on products and make discounts without any time or other limitations.



Our company has the right to modify the terms of use of the online store, the placement of orders, and the policies it implements without prior notice of the registered user of our online store.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions governing the use of this website, online store and the agreement between us and you, you MUST NOT use the online store and MUST NOT place orders.



The user acknowledges and declares that if he has any problems or is dissatisfied with the product he has purchased, the whole transaction process, the delivery of the product, or for any other issues regarding the use of this website and the website can contact our company by sending an informative email to and our company staff within 1-2 business days. contact him or her for the solution or best possible resolution of the issue.



This Agreement and the terms of use and any amendments thereto are governed by Greek Law.

The courts of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki are the sole competent courts for the settlement of disputes under this Convention.

The invalidity of a term or part of it does not invalidate another term or the Contract or part thereof. The remaining terms remain in force and fully develop their legal effects.

By accepting the terms of use, each user declares that he is aware of them, has fully understood them, and is committed to complying with them.

Without accepting the terms of use, it is impossible to create an account and purchase through the online store.

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